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Things you may want to know

over 2 years ago

Things you may want to know…


School Hours   8:30AM – 3:45PM

Students may enter the building after 8:10AM.  Do not drop off your child before that as there is no one available to oversee their safety.  If you arrive AFTER 8:30AM you must walk your child into the building and sign them in.


Breakfast  is served from 8:10 – 8:30 daily


Kindergarten  is a full day


Parent Pick U  is a drive through process. 

If you would like to pick up your child at the end of the day, please be sure to send a note or make a call to the office stating your child's name, grade, and teacher BEFORE 1:45PM.  Please follow the drive through traffic pattern and drive around the back of the building.  Pick up is near the Main Office Entrance.  Make sure you register your car.  Forms can be found on the “Forms & Resources” link on our Webpage.


Food Prices              Elementary Breakfast                       $ 1.15 Daily    $  5.75 Weekly

                                    Elementary Breakfast (reduced)     $    .30 Daily   $  1.50 Weekly

                                    Elementary Lunch                             $ 2.30 Daily    $11.50 Weekly

                                    Elementary Lunch (reduced)           $    .40 Daily   $   2.00 Weekly

                                    Milk price                                            $    .60

                                    Water price                                         $    .20

                                    Ice Cream available daily                 $ 1.00


We are a NUT SENSITIVE school. Please refrain

from sending anything with nuts.


Menus can be found on the district website



Photo ID Tags  are provided for every student. 

If they are lost or destroyed, they can be replaced at the parent’s expense for a nominal cost of $5.00.  Simply send the money in an enveloped marked with your child’s name and teacher name and a new one will be supplied.


Principal’s Newsletters  are sent home usually on the first Friday of the month.

These provide information about what is happening in our school during each month.  Please take a few minutes to read these informative letters to keep you informed.


Volunteers  are welcome by invitation only to classroom parties and field trips.

Clearances must be on file in the school office before these events occur.  Clearance links may be found on our “Forms & Resources” webpage.  Please be reminded that student siblings are NOT permitted to attend any classroom activity.


PTO  volunteers are always in demand.  Stop in the front office

for more information OR call our office 610-599-7014.


Birthdays  are celebrated in our school once a month.  Refer to our “Forms &

Resources” webpage for listed celebration dates.


Invitations  will not be distributed for private parties unless enough are sent for all

girls, all boys, or the entire class.  Due to confidentiality laws, teachers are not permitted to provide parents with a list of students’ names, addresses, or phone numbers.


Weather Note  Please keep your phone numbers current with the office

staff so you can receive an automated message in the

event no school or early dismissal due to inclement weather.