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Classroom Rules
Classroom Rules and Procedures

The shool-wide rule is achieving STAR student behavior in:
S - Safety
T - Trustworthiness
A - Accountability
R - Respect & Responsibility

Each student has signed the classroom behavior contract to:

Use good manners

Raise your hand

Follow directions

Organize desk, binder and thinking

Treat others like you want to be treated

Support each other and themselves

Make good choices

Reading with Child

about 1 year ago

Reading with your child


1. Listen to, read with, or read to your child every day!   


2. Compliment your child on his/her accomplishments - whether big or small. **Feeling successful is the foundation of learning!


3. Communicate about the school day. Ask detailed questions...

-What story did you read today?

-What was it about?

-Who are the characters?

-Did you like the story? Why?

-What was your favorite part? Why?

-What part was hard? 


4. Call Mrs. White with any questions or concerns regarding your child or the program.


5. Check out websites below to reinforce skills and strategies.

Read: Let's Be Pals (click on title)


Spelling City

over 2 years ago

Spelling City is a great website to practice spelling words. Click on this website link, **If your child has a challenge list that is different from the words in the lesson go to and add the challenge words to the "Spelling Test" section to practice those words. On the same website the Vocabulary Game is another great resource to help build and develop reading and comprehension skills.

Click on the Lesson number to practice the given spelling words. This website can be use as a spelling homework. Parents just write down the date the website is used and it will count for one homework.

 Choose your options to practice with games and spelling test. Premium activities cannot be accessed, only free activities:
Missing Letter
Word Unscramble
Word Search
Hang Mouse
Test -N- Teach

Click on Play A Game or Spelling Test and let the fun begin!!!


Scholastic Book Orders


over 2 years ago

 Spelling Practice - click below and find the story we are reading. Click to blue to read the story and practice spelling words and skills.

Click on Learn to Read - Play a game, pick a story and read along, or pick a skill and have fun!

Click on I Am Reading - Pick a genre that you like and read along. What questions do you have about the story, article, folktale or myth?

image spelling

Starfall Reading  - click on one of the stories and read, read along, or listen to the story.

Fiction or Informational Stories - click on a story to read along with. If you would like the story read to you click on the ear to hear the story.

Wildlife Stories - practice vowel teams as you read stories using the -ai-, -ea-, Pale Male, and -igh

1st Grade Teacher - Washington

starfall image

Journeys Story of the Week

over 2 years ago

Here are some websites to reinforce the skills that are being developed in Unit 3.
Click on the balloons to practice reading about Sea Animals, Water, Author's Purpose, and proper nouns


Word Magnets allows you to move words around to make differences sentences that can match the picture. Click on the word magnet box to get started.

word magnets

You can page through the book to find the story of choice. Read for fluency and to practice Words to Know. Feel free to review the comprehension strategies and writing connections.Stories can be read to you by clicking on the speaker.- What is a Pal?- The Storm- Curious George Goes to School- Lucia's Neighborhood- Gus Takes the Train

Journey Book

Journey Book 2 - Jack and the Wolf

  • Read over the Words to Know
  • Then read the story. Practice fluency.
  • Retell the story in order of important events.
  • What lesson can you learn from the story?


Jack and the Wolf title image

Math Website

over 2 years ago

Starfall Math Journey  - find numbers greater than, less than, and/or equal to continue through the path

XtraMath is used to practice the rote skill of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
If you are doing this practice at home you can login here. Type teacher's email ( or parent's email, your name, and your pin number
TenMarks - use login name and password and pick an assignment

Study Jams Math - select from the categories of Numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Geometry, Data Analysis (Graphs, median, mean, mode, range)

math image

Fun page created by Starfall

over 2 years ago

Click on the picture below to find great games to reinforce learned skills in reading. 

This is a good connection to the new Journeys Reading Series. Click on this website and follow up with the story that we are doing that week. The skill and strategies have great games to build understanding and develop strong reading and phonics skills.

Word Builder from Starfall - Make words to match picture. Click on the green card and drag letters to make the matching word.

Story Pick - Pick a Fiction (fake) or Non-fiction (real) story of choice. Read to self or read with someone else. There are also some fun puzzles to play.

Read They All Can - the story can be read or click on the Ear and the story will be read to you. If you have trouble with a word or two, click on the word and it will be read for you.

Read Bug's Gum

Read All About Ducks

Read Seals - Non-fiction

Read We Saw a Hawk - realistic fiction using words with /aw/ & /au/

Read Pale Male, the Red-Tailed Hawk - Non-fiction

Read All About Matter - Non-fiction/science using words with /er/

Read Tam's Secret - Fiction using long vowels

Three Little Plays - Dog and CatGuess, Guess, and Cookies. Pick a play to practice fluency. There is also word work to practice sight word; drag words to match boxes.

Fun image

Mrs. White's First Grade

about 1 year ago

By Lori White

Mrs. White's First Grade

Moby Max

about 1 year ago