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over 2 years ago

Welcome to Mrs. Canceliere's 4th Grade Class! 

4th Grade Teacher - Washington
Our Specials
Our Specials

Day 1
Library (bring books to return/renew)

Day 2
Gym (wear sneakers)

Day 3

Day 4
Gym (wear sneakers)

Day 5

Day 6


A.M. Snack- 1 food item and 1 drink item

Class Contract and Consequences

over 2 years ago

Classroom Contract and Consequences


*Our class designed and agreed on the following Classroom Contract and Classroom Consequences on the first day of school.


Classroom Contract


1. Raise your hand


2. Listen when others are speaking


3. Respect others and their belongings


4. Complete all assignments on time


5. Try your best


Classroom Consequences


1st Warning: Verbal Warning


2nd Warning: 5 minutes off Recess


3rd Warning: Parent Contact and No Recess



Homework Policy

over 2 years ago

Homework Policy

Mission: Research clearly demonstrates that time spent on homework is positively related to achievement. Through homework, classroom instruction is reinforced, high expectations are supported, students are motivated toward self-direction and the relationship of school and home in the learning process is strengthened. Homework is an important part of every student’s instructional program and therefore should not be used as a disciplinary measure.


The fourth grade staff at Washington Elementary School considers homework to be an important part of the daily instructional program. Homework is the key link between school and home. Homework serves several purposes.



Homework is intended to:

*Offer additional practice opportunities.

*Extend or enrich learning experiences.

*Develop and strengthen good study habits.

*Develop self-direction and responsibility for working independently.

*Reinforce skills developed in school.

*Aid in mastery of a skill.

*Inform parents of the work going on in the classroom and provide a bond of cooperation.


Homework is assigned at the teacher’s discretion. It is suggested that students in the fourth grade receive approximately 40 minutes of homework per night. Homework may include non-written as well as written assignments, daily assignments, long range projects, practice of basic facts, review of notes, and individual reading or writing in addition to specific assignments.



It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide meaningful activities that serve the purposes described above. Teachers will present all assignments clearly, the format to be followed, the standards for acceptance, and the due date. Teachers will also provide feedback concerning assignments. Teachers will maintain open communications with students and parents.


It is the responsibility of the parents to be knowledgeable of the District and individual classroom homework policies. Parents are responsible to encourage students and help develop good study habits. It is also the responsibility of the parents to maintain open communications with teachers and child.


It is the responsibility of the student to organize, complete, and submit homework assignments on time.Students are responsible for taking necessary textbooks and materials home and developing a system for recording assignments.Students are also responsible for maintaining open communications with their teachers and parents.


Working as a team in education will give our students a brighter future.

*5 missed homework assignments in one month will result in one after school detention.