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over 2 years ago

Welcome to Mrs. Schuler's 2nd Grade Page


"The key to success lies within every child"




*This page was updated on 4/26/17

Six Day Schedule

We follow a six day schedule. On Physical Education days, please make sure your child wears sneakers. On the day we have Library, make sure your child returns their book.

Day 1: Phys. Ed.

Day 2: Art

Day 3: Library

Day 4: Phys. Ed.

Day 5: Music

Day 6: Lit.



We will have lunch everyday at 11:30-12:00. We will have snack each day in the morning. Please send a nutritious snack with your child. *Remember we are a nut sensitive school and classroom.Please keep this in mind when sending in food.*


Breakfast price: $1.15

Lunch price: $2.30

Milk price: $0.60

Ice cream price: $1.00



You may send in a treat with your child on our monthly birthday celebration days. Make sure there is enough for the whole class. We have 23 students in our class as of today. Please send in a healthly treat. Birthday treat days will be announced on school newsletters and homework sheets.

*Again, remember we are a nut sensitive school and classroom. Please keep this in mind when sending in food.*


Homework Policy

Your child will usually receive homework Monday through Thursday evenings. There will not usually be homework given on Fridays; but it does happen occasionally. The rules for homework are very simple.

1. Take it home.

2. Do it.

3. Bring it back to school.


If your child does not have their homework done, they will receive a zero for that assignment. Also, students do receive a homework grade on their report card. If an emergency arises and your child does not have time to do their homework, just write me a note and they are not penalized.


I will be sending home a homework assignment sheet each Monday. The assignments may change, so you should still check the homework hotline to confirm assignments. Also, important announcements and tests dates will be listed on this sheet.

To reach my homework hotline, call 610-599-7014. Press 6 and then enter my mailbox number, which is 4155. Then press #. You can listen to my message and also leave a message if needed. My voicemail still does not work, so therefore my homework hotline does not work. Just look at the homework schedule sent home at the beginning of each week.

Contact Information

If you need to contact me, you can call the school at 610-599-7014. If it is during the school day, you will not be able to talk to me. You will have to leave a message. You can also email me. I will check messages and emails every morning and afternoon before I leave. Again, due to not having a voicemail, please contact me by email or letter. Thank you for your understanding.


If your child is absent, make sure to send in a note/excuse on the day they return to school. If you would like their homework sent home with another student, or you want to come pick it up, you need to call the office and let us know. You can also call the homework hotline to find out the homework assignments. If your child needs to leave early or is parent pickup, you need to send in a note so we are aware of it


2nd Grade Teacher - Washington