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Dismissal Procedure

Washington Elementary

Parent Pick Up Procedure


At Washington Elementary we have initiated a "Drive Thru" pick up procedure.  Each family is assigned a car number to last the entire time your child(ren) attend Washington (K-4).  This number is assigned to your family only.  

We ask that you have your child learn this number.  It will expedite the dismissal process.  If possible, mark it on a piece of tape on his/her backpack.


In an effort to keep the process running smoothly….

  • If you are having someone else pick up your child(ren), please share your number with them (you can write it on a large piece of paper). 
  • If someone other than YOU is picking up your child…
  1. Send a note so we know who that person is. 
  2. Make sure your child knows who is picking them up.


The number that you have been assigned should be visible in the front DRIVER's side window so it can be seen easily by our staff on duty. 

If a car approaches and has no visible number, the guardian will have to pull into a parking place, and enter the building to sign out their child(ren).


How do I get my number?

You can print out the Car ID form, complete it, and bring it in to our office. 

Car ID for Parent Pick Up

We will give you the yellow cards with your assigned number.




You can stop in the office for to fill out a form, (be prepared to provide your license plate number). 

Your form will be kept on file in the event of an emergency.

You can pick up your family number in the office any time. 


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