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Miss Watson
General Music Teacher
Washington Elementary

Welcome to the web page of Miss Watson! This page will keep you up to date on the exciting activities your child/children are doing in music class here at Washington Elementary.
Meet the Teacher
My name is Abby Watson and I am the general music teacher here at Washington Elementary. This is my third year with the Bangor Area School District and I'm loving it!

I attended West Chester University for my Bachelor of Music, with flute being my main instrument of study. After graduating, I participated in the Disney College Program for a semester before returning home. What can I say...I missed teaching! I then held 2 long term sub positions, both in elementary general music, before taking a job with the Allentown School District. After working at 2 of the Allentown School District elementary schools, I moved here to Washington Elementary.

Outside of teaching, my hobbies include music (both listening to music or making it through singing or playing one of my instruments), anything Disney related, traveling, shopping, and baking!
Kindergarten has been a blast so far. They've been working on the skills of echo singing, matching pitch, keeping a steady beat, and learning the difference between high and low sounds, as well as playing the drum. I see them once a 5-day cycle for their general music class. They have been working very hard on learning some fun songs, rhymes, games, and even SOLO SINGING!!!
First Grade
We've done all sorts of fun things in first grade so far. We've done a little bit of rhythm work with reviewing quarter notes and quarter rests, played some singing games, played the xylophones, worked on echo singing, matching pitch, exploring our vocal range, and keeping a steady beat by playing on the drums.
Second Grade
Second grade has been working EXTREMELY hard at reviewing previously taught rhythms, as well as being introduced to new ones. They will soon be learning how to read the notes on the lines/spaces on the treble clef staff! Don't worry, we leave time for the fun stuff too. We have learned some fun songs, dances, and will soon be working on an activity that involves playing a lot of different percussion instruments!!!
Third Grade
What an exciting time to be in third grade! So far we've worked on singing partner songs, rounds, reviewing our notes/rhythms, and now we're getting to my favorite time of year...RECORDER TIME!!! The 3rd grade has just begun to learn their first couple of notes on the recorder and are learning their first song. They have been doing a great job so far and I can tell they're really enjoying it!!!
Fourth Grade
What a whirlwind 4th grade has been so far. We started off by doing some fun activities with singing, playing xylophones, and other movement activities. However, now we're entering "CHORUS MODE". We've been learning and preparing to put on our chorus concert towards the end of the year on May 14th. It's been tough work, but the kids are doing great and I CAN'T WAIT until you see our concert!!! This year I decided to go with a theme for our chorus concert, so be sure to join us for a "Night at the Movies". (All songs either from or inspired by famous movies).