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Tuesday, October 1 @ Washington 7pm
Tuesday, November 5 @ DeFranco 7pm
Tuesday, December 3 @ Five Pts 7pm
Tuesday, January 7 @ Washington 7pm
Tuesday, February 4 @ DeFranco 7pm
Tuesday, March 3 @ Five Points 7pm
Tuesday, April 7 @ Washington 7pm
Tuesday, May 5 @ DeFranco 7pm
Tuesday, May 26 @ Five Points pm
Meet the Office
Mr. Scott Davis-Principal
Mrs. Courtney Burrus-Assistant Principal
Mrs. Jill Palmer-Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Kerry Rutt-Administrative Assistant
Principal's Message
Principal's Message
Happy New Year, all. And so we begin our second half of the year. To date, a lot of changes have been implemented. I appreciate the support we receive from all of our families. Your support and our teamwork provide the foundation for success. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of our students as they push each day to get better at all things they do. As an aside, please know that when weather allows, we still try to get some outdoor activity. If it is below freezing or just too wet and sloppy, the alternative is to remain inside for some recess time. Please make sure your children are dressed warmly for the cold upcoming months. As we keep on moving, we keep improving.
Mr. Davis
Volunteer Requirements
1. All volunteers are required to be approved by the building principal.
2. Volunteer clearance records are maintained in the school main office.
3. All clearances for new volunteers must be new within the previous 365 days.
4. Clearances must be presented in their original and official form (district will maintain copies).
5. New clearances are required every 60 months when the individual performs annual volunteer service with the district
6. The district will accept Department of Human Services of Department of Education generated clearances.
7. Required clearances:

• PA State Criminal History (online with no cost when designated VOLUNTEER)

• PA Child Abuse Report (online with no cost when designated VOLUNTEER)

• FBI Fingerprint Certificate (designated fee)

o If the volunteer has lived in PA for the past 10 consecutive years., they may sign an affidavit (located in the main office of each school) stating they have not been arrested/convicted of any crimes. This takes the place of the FBI fingerprint clearance
o If the volunteer has NOT lived in the commonwealth of PA for the entirety of the past 10 years, an FBI clearance is required. The volunteer should provide the 15 digit PAE number, which can be requested at the fingerprint location or found on the online registration page, so the district can print the official results. Please know that official fingerprint results from the Department of Education or IdentoGo system are not mailed to the applicant. Submit the PAE number to the Office of Human Resources so that an Official Report is generated after fingerprinting is completed

8. Volunteers for athletic or extracurricular positions are required to complete a district generated pre-employment drug and alcohol screen. The volunteer should schedule an appointment with the Office of Human Resources to secure the required drug screen voucher
9. Tuberculosis examination (TB) is required when volunteering for more than 10 hours per week.